Business Communication Equipment

TCSI is proud to be an authorized distributor of leading edge telephony equipment. Packed with a wide range of functions and features, these systems will supply any office with the tools to enhance the productivity and workflow of your business. TCSI can supply, install, and service all your business communication equipment needs from small office solutions with big system features to complete campus systems. We offer expandable platforms that can grow with your business. Partnering with TCSI for your voicemail, call management, call center, wireless, and desktop/portable handset requirements, provides your business with extremely cost effective and high quality equipment to improve your efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. TCSI can service all of your business communication needs.

Iwatsu Enterprise-CS

Download ADIX-VS pdf

Enterprise 2.0-CS combines the best of both worlds - TDM and IP technology. While traditional TDM Systems transmit only voice, this converged system is a media bridge gateway that converges and transmits both voice and data traffic.

This convergence means you get a higher cost savings, more flexible bandwidth usage and fewer hardware requirements. The Iwatsu products offer legendary reliability with some of the Best Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) statistics in the telecommunications industry. Plus, intuitive system features and add-on applications make it easier to grow with you long into the future and simplify your daily call routing.

The Enterprise 2.0-CS provides a range of full featured TDM, SIP, and VoIP telephone appliances, PC Attendant consoles, wireless solutions, ACD and a host of reporting and analysis packages to meet your business requirements.

Enterprise 2.0-CS will grow with your business and is expandable up to 6 cabinets and 1024 ports. Multiple offices are no problem! Enterprise-Net Campus will transparently link up to 16 remote locations combining your enterprise into a single telecommunications solution.

Iwatsu ADIX-VS

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The ADIX-VS is a wall mountable telephone system that provides the power of corporate communications for small businesses and home offices. The ADIX-VS can be configured up to 14 digital telephones, 2 analog telephones and 6 CO lines. With full featured telephones and add-on voicemail, wireless & call accounting packages, the VS has the same muscle and reliability as the larger Enterprise-CS solution, but in a smaller package.

Iwatsu Voice Mail VMI

(for the Iwatsu Enterprise CS and Iwatsu VS Telephony Systems) Iwatsu VMI - VS & Iwatsu VMI - ECS pdf

The Omega-Voice VMI is a full featured messaging and automated attendant solution together in a single system. Both small and large businesses will benefit from the versatile fully integrated messaging solution providing the features you need to manage call handling including key features such as call record, caller ID capture and playback, and tenanting capabilities that allow for multiple company greetings within one system. Utilizing DNIS, ANI and even Caller ID, the Omega-Voice VMI provides a wide range of call routing options to ensure your calls are handled efficiently. The VMI allows for capacity up to 600 mail boxes and 300 hours of storage and is compatible with both the Iwatsu Enterprise-CS and VS telephony platforms.


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Would your productivity increase if the business telephone on your desk was with you at all times? Would your customers level of satisfaction with your company increase if the key people in your organization were more accessible to them? Do you or your employees spend more time away from your desk than at your desk? If the answer to one or more of these questions is yes, then Iwatsu Omegatrek can dramatically improve your business.

The Omegatrek wireless solution is built on cellular technology allowing for multiple wireless bases to accommodate any size office. The Omegatrek will provide uninterrupted service when moving from one wireless base to another, giving your employees the freedom of continuous service and mobility even in the largest space.

Iwatsu EnterpriseNet/Campus

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With the Iwatsu IP Networking solutions multiple offices can be seamlessly connected together in a campus style environment. IP Networking will accommodate up to 16 locations (planned release will increase up to 64 locations), to act as a single telephone system.


Download ESNA UNI & ESNA Elite pdf

Ensa Technology's Telephony Office-LinX enables small and large enterprise with a range of voice messaging communication solution. With features including Automated Attendant, Voice Mail, text to speech, voice recognition, Unified messaging support for Exchange, Lotus Notes & GroupWise, fax mail and multilingual support the Office-LinX platforms can enhance and manage all of your messaging & communication requirements. Office-LinX is also fully integratable in both IP and TDM telephony environments. The platform is modular so you can purchase the components you need now, while providing years of expansion and productivity as your requirements grow.

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AVST CallXpress

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AVST CallXpress Advanced Messaging can give any business the competitive edge you need to respond swiftly to the communication needs of your clients and employees. Offering a range of voice & unified messaging features like notification, voice recognition, IP and TDM networking, fax on demand, unified messaging, AVST will allow your organization to maximize company productivity and client customer service. Integrating AVST CallXpress with Captaris RightFax can transform your Advance messaging solution in to a fully integrated fax messaging solution.

Captaris RightFax

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Captaris RightFax is the proven market leader in electronic fax and document delivery software. It delivers the most reliable and robust solutions to integrate and automate the flow of a full range of fax, paper and electronic documents and data, allowing both small businesses and large enterprises to achieve significant cost reductions. By using a RightFax Enterprise Server, companies can securely and efficiently deliver business information from virtually any application via fax, email, print devices or over the Internet.

TASKE Contact

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TASKE Contact offers real-time ACD monitoring and historical call reporting for the contact center. TASKE Contact includes a web portal for access to real-time data and TASKE's new advanced cradle-to-grave search tool, Call Visualizer. TASKE Contact monitors real-time queue and agent activity on all inbound, outbound and internal calling, allowing for the reporting, viewing and replaying of historical ACD activity. TASKE Contact is a robust call management software application that's easy to use and its advanced forecasting applications help contact centers continually improve their call service levels.

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TASKE Essential

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TASKE Essential is a cost effective, browser-based monitoring and historical reporting product that works side by side with the Enterprise-CS. Unlike its big brother TASKE Contact, which is designed for use in call centers, TASKE Essential provides the ability to monitor employee telephone usage, for both internal and client communications, from cradle to grave, in real-time and report on extensions, departments, and trunks. A benefit of TASKE Essential being browser-based is the ability for information to be accessed from any internet-enabled computer. Managers and owners on-the-go can access, view, print, or email reports from the office, home, or while traveling.

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Enterprise-CS ACD/Contact Center

Download Enterprise-CS ACD/Contact Center pdf

Iwatsu's Automatic Call Distribution software (ACD) allows both small and large businesses to efficiently and effectively manage inbound call routing to their customer call centers. Iwatsu's ACD can handle a growing capacity of 255 ACD groups with up to 512 agents per group. Agents can easily be part of multiple simultaneous ACD groups and be informed of the number of calls in queue on their phones with a touch of a button. Callers waiting in queue can be placed into your voice messaging system giving them the ability to leave a message, transfer out, or remain in queue listening to music or a prerecorded announcement, all while still maintaining their place in the call queue. Iwatsu ACD will allow business of any side streamline their organization for maximum customer satisfaction and help increase your bottom line.

AccuCall Call Accounting

Download AccuCall Call Accounting pdf

AccuCall Pro call accounting software enables you to monitor and record all call traffic in and out of your Enterprise-CS and VS telephony platforms. Allowing you to run real-time statistics or maintain historical reporting data, AccuCall Pro will allow you to effectively manage and control your telecommunication costs. AccuCall Pro can create summary and customized historical reports based on criteria such as specific extension, departments, trunks, specific telephone number dialed and received and call types over a user defined timeframe.

Tapit Call Accounting

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Tapit EX call accounting software works with the Enterprise-CS and VS telephony platforms as well as most telephone switches that provide SMDR/CDR (Call Detail Record) information. Stored call record information from your telephone switch can be used to generate call history reports helping you monitor and maintain your telephony costs. Standard and Customized reports can be created on criteria such as longest calls by extension, most expensive calls by extension, departmental reports, most frequently dialed numbers, and more. In addition to the call accounting and reporting features, Tapit also includes a costing module which allows you to track and report the cost associated with your call traffic. Tapit will allow you report on inbound and outbound call pricing and will also handle reporting and pricing on various call types such as VoIP, DNIS, and trunk calls.

Omega Phones

Digital Phones

Omega 20 or 32 Buttton full duplex speakerphone.
Omega 20 or 32 Buttton full duplex speakerphone.
Omega 20 or 32 Buttton full duplex speakerphone.
  • Omega Phone Brochure
  • 20 or 32 Button Digital Display
  • Full Duplex Speakerphone
  • Available in Black or White
Omega 20 or 32 Button full duplex speakerphone with 70 key Expansion Module.
  • Omega Phone Brochure
  • 20 or 32 Button Digital Display
  • Full Duplex Speakerphone with a 70 Key Expansion Module
  • Available with no Display in Black or White
Omega Phone 20 or 32 Button Full Duplex Phone.
  • Omega Phone Brochure
  • 20 or 32 Button Digital
  • Full Duplex Speakerphone.
  • Available in Black or White
Omega 8 Button Digital Telephone.
970 Megaherz Digital Cordless Phone.
OmegaTrek 1.9 gigaherz digital telephone.
20 or 32 button IP Display, Full Duplex Speakerphone
Full duplex speaker phone
PC Attendant Console